Watchmaking | [Video, slideshow] In Illzach, it's in the (music) box

This morning, a beautiful and rare music box from the beginning of the 20th century will leave Michel Voiry's studio in Illzach to find its collector owner.Before his departure, we had the chance to hear it play.

"Wait, I'm going back… listen!" The ritornello is called Love dreams and, objectively, it's not worth Space oddity (Bowie) or Madame dream of Bashung, but the moment is touching.

Above all, the sound is incredibly clear, pure and the small drums accompanying the birds that strike the bells gives an idea of the complexity, the technicality of this incredible piece."Personally, this is the first in 40 years that I have repaired .It probably dates from the 1920s and I think it is a Swiss music box, from the Reuge brand.a "playlist".

"It's a music box-automaton.Look, you can even cut the drums and the percussions of the birds, and keep only the melody."Just fascinating, to watch and to listen to ...When this exceptional piece (" I think that, in this condition, it is worth between 20,000 and 30,000 € ", specifies the watchmaker specializing in old watchmaking) arrived at his home, it was very tired, dirty - "she had worked a lot" - and it took more than 40 hours for Michel Voiry to restore its shine."I disassembled, cleaned, settled everything.And for the box, it is a master cabinetmaker from Mulhouse who took care of it."

Posted Date: 2021-01-14

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